Monday, November 28, 2005

Singapore from inside-out

I haven't been travelling a lot lately, only to and from work, which is routine and quite mundane. So I haven't shot anything worth posting for the pleasure of readers of this photoblog. I still haven't been travelling, but I took some breadth-taking pictures of Singapore from inside-out, i.e. pictures that were taken in the heart of the business district in Singapore looking out to the eastern side of Singapore from a high-rise commercial building recently.

Needless to say, these pictures cannot be taken easily, and certainly not by tourists as they will not have the opportunity of standing in the spot from which these pictures were taken. The first of these shows the bay at the mouth of the Singapore River, now transformed into a bay area through years for land reclamation. At the top right is the Benjamin Sheares Bridge, which leads to the eastern part of the Island. On the bottom left corner is Clifford Pier - a historic pier - where boats and ships used to call to pick up passengers bound for trade and cruises. Many of its cruises have now been shifted to the Harbour Front, a pier just across from Sentosa Island.